Loyola Static

Standing Rock: a pivotal time in U.S. History

16 Dec 2016

By Grant Regen On Sunday Dec. 4, the Obama administration expanded the president’s legacy with an unfortunately unaccustomed political action: upholding the rights of America’s Native peoples. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe began a national outcry in ... more
Trump Cartoon

Anti-Trump protests are futile, hypocritical

02 Dec 2016

By Colin Kruse On Nov. 8, 2016, Donald Trump shocked the nation and remarkably won the presidency over Hillary Clinton in decisive fashion. Over the next few days, protesters, angry with the result of the election, took ... more

A letter from the editors-in-chief

11 Nov 2016

To the Loyola community, To many of you, the night of November 8 may have come as a shock. Whether you thought Clinton would have a landslide victory or Trump would emerge barely victorious, the results shook ... more

Internet faces change

21 Oct 2016

By Chris Combs You may not have noticed, but the internet changed this month, and there’s a significant debate about what it means for the world. The main controversy concerns the protections provided to all Americans by ... more