QUEEN MARY’S WINTER EVENT, CHILL is held annually from Nov. 23 - Jan. 8. This year’s theme is Alice in Winterland with attractions such as ice skating, in ice sculpture maze and ice tubing.

Discover LA — Chill: Alice in Winterland

16 Dec 2016

By Jordi Ettinger The ocean liner RMS Queen Mary was once used during World War II to transport American soldiers and supplies between the United States and the battlefields of Europe.  Today, the former fastest ship in the ... more
GRAND CENTRAL MARKET, located on Grand Avenue, offers foods from many culture, such as German, Japanese and Mexican.

Discover LA: Grand Central Market

02 Dec 2016

By Joseph Altmayer Often dominated by the hectic life of Los Angeles, residents and tourists rarely find the opportunity to venture the nooks and crannies of the city. But, if you ever have the chance on a ... more
OLVERA STREET displays an authentic Mexican cultural

environment during its Dia de los Muertos celebration from Nov. 1-2.

Discover LA: Olvera Street

11 Nov 2016

By Jordi Ettinger The opening scene from the most recent James Bond film “Spectre,” which takes place in Mexico City, conjures up grandiose images of one of Mexico’s most popular and well known holidays, Día de los ... more

DISCOVER LA: Venice Beach Canals

09 Sep 2016

By Alec Zbornak   As the gondola calmly makes its way across the serene waterway, ripples rhythmically fill the space. The cloudless sky is the same crystal blue tint as the water below, and the sun warms ... more