Letter from the Junior Edition Editors-in-Chief

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As the Editors-in-Chief of this year’s Junior Edition for The Loyalist, we would like to welcome you to the new year with this special edition. 

We have been working extensively with The Loyalist for 3 years, starting out as contributors during Freshman year and working towards becoming official editors for the paper. As an annual January tradition, seniors complete their Senior Service Project, and the executive staff chooses two current Junior section editors to fulfill the role of Editors-in-Chief. 

Without any concrete timeline for our physical return, The Loyalist will continue to be published in an online format. To aid our transition, Brody Hannon is serving as our Creative Director to assist our Managing Editor Jordan Pagkalinawan.

In addition to the completely new executive staff, we have incorporated many new section editors, including freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Despite the personnel change and difficulty of being unable to interact with our team in-person, we have still maintained weekly zoom meetings in order to communicate with each other efficiently.

We are still guided by our moderator Mrs. Gacina who continuously supports and aids the entire Loyalist team. We are extremely excited to spearhead this edition and provide an amazing Junior Edition for you all!

With the recent unrest within our nation, it is imperative that we keep our paper honest, truthful, and up-to-date with all the recent current events within the Loyola community. With the transition to the online format, we understand that The Loyalist is more accessible than ever, ensuring the reader that we will provide as much factual information as possible. 

We hope that this paper serves to bring the Loyola students, administration, faculty, and alumni together. 

Your Junior Editors-in-Chief,

Charles Legaspi and Matthew Speier


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