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By Andrew Slipe

This article details Loyola students who are committed to play sports at various colleges. The students and their bios are shown below.


Brandon Posivak [Lafayette, Baseball]

I ultimately felt that it was the best academic and athletic fit for me. On my official visit I met the team and lived the life of a student for a few days. The guys on the team were very cool and accepted me right away. I felt like I was wanted by the team and the coaches. The academics are some of the best in the country, and in talking with the professors and sitting in on a class, I felt that I fit into their learning environment. At Lafayette I can pursue my academic and athletic passions, and I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to be a Leopard.

Brandon Posivak Cutout

Daniel Caruso [Baylor, Baseball]

I chose Baylor University because the coaches are fantastic mentors who emphasis excellence both on and off the field. Playing in the Big 12 conference is a tremendous honor and a dream come true. Academically, Baylor’s Business School has a strong reputation and a very competitive sports management program. In addition, Baylor is a Christian institution that places great emphasis on service. Baylor has everything I was looking for in a college experience.

Dan Caruso Baylor

Riley Livingston [Holy Cross, Baseball]

I started talking to the coaches at Holy Cross after attending one of their baseball camps. They said I was one of the guys that they wanted on the team. The coaching staff was one of the reasons I decided to commit because they sincerely wanted me and thought that I could make an immediate impact my freshman year. As far as academics, Holy Cross was the type of school I was looking for where I could excel both in the classroom and on the field.


Henry Welsh [Harvard, Basketball]

Going into the whole recruiting process I always said that the best school for me is the one with the best combination of academics and athletics. Harvard is one of the best schools in the world, so it definitely covers the academic part. The team has also been very successful lately, so the athletics are on the rise as well. The city of Boston is one of my favorites, and the college atmosphere is unmatched. They’re a really good group of guys, and the coaches are outstanding. Being surrounded by like-minded people who want to excel will help me be successful and grow as a person, student and player.


Joseph Celo [UCSD, Soccer]

During the recruiting process, I was looking at colleges ranging from Division 1 to Division 3, but I ultimately decided to play Division 2 soccer since I knew that going pro may not be on the horizon. I went on several different official visits, but nothing was like University of California, San Diego. The team was so close and tight-knit that I could easily picture them being my family for the next four years. The coach also gave me a big scholarship and helped me find different opportunities to get more money.  I knew right off the bat that I wanted to stay in California and be in a beautiful area, so San Diego was a perfect fit. In addition, it will be easy for my family to come watch me play


Colin Enzer [CSUN, Volleyball]

I really liked the team and coaches at California State University, Northridge [CSUN]. The guys on the team got along with each other well and were very competitive at practice. CSUN was the perfect place for me to play volleyball for the next four years. Not only was the campus beautiful, but there was also a Chick-fil-A right next door.

Colin Enzer

Adam Lee [NYU, Volleyball]

I decided to commit to New York University because I had the opportunity to be able to study in Stern, their business school,  while also playing volleyball. On my official visit, I had so much fun hanging out with the team, and they only had great things to say about the school. There wasn’t a single thing I did not like about the school. The urban environment along with the cold weather attracted me as a student and as an athlete. I totally saw myself in New York City. It was such a great atmosphere, and I know that NYU will help me become successful after college.

Adam Lee NYU

Davis Boehle [UCSB, Volleyball]

I chose to play volleyball at University of California, Santa Barbara because of the atmosphere and unity of the team. During junior year, I went on a visit with my friend and had a great time. We saw a practice, met the team, and talked with coaches. There was nothing I didn’t like about it. I really liked how close the team was. They bonded like brothers, and I’m looking forward to becoming close with them over the next four years. I also have two brothers that are currently students there and they have nothing but good things to say about the school. I can’t wait to go to school with them next year.


Armen Deirmenjian [Brown, Water Polo]

The second I stepped onto Brown’s campus, I felt at home. The campus is beautiful, and I love the student life there. In addition to Brown’s amazing academics, it’s water polo program has been very successful. The team has been very strong and nationally ranked for the past couple of years. When I visited the campus, I noticed that the players on the team had a strong friendship and basically did everything together. They were like one big family.

Armen Brown

Jack Wilson [Brown, Water Polo]

I decided to commit to Brown University because of how comfortable I felt as soon as I set foot on campus. The entire team was incredibly welcoming and fun to be around. Upon meeting them, I knew that they would be a group of guys who would have my back. I went on a visit in late September and had an absolutely amazing time. Staying over with the team allowed me to experience the academics, water polo, and social atmosphere on campus, and that’s what really sealed the deal.  


Brandon Bueno [UCSB, Golf]

I found UCSB to be a perfect fit for me, starting with its West Coast location. Being that golf is an outdoor sport, I want to take full advantage of great weather that allows for maximum practice time to enhance my game.  Particularly, I chose UCSB for the beautiful oceanfront location, surrounded by top golf courses such as Sandpiper and La Purisima.  In addition, the Men’s Golf Coach, Mr. Steve Lass, is exceptionally knowledgeable in golf, and he can be a tremendous asset for my future golf career. Academically, in 2010, UCSB ranked third in the Nation for Environmental Economics, a program that I am extremely interested in after taking AP Environmental Science with Mr. Gorr.

Brandon Bueno

Joon Sung [Brown, Swimming]

I decided on Brown immediately after I came back from my recruiting trip. The open curriculum initially pulled me in because I can have a main area of study while also taking courses that I’m interested in. Brown also renovated its pool four years ago into an olympic sized pool with a huge digital scoreboard. In addition to the already amazing campus, the students and teachers showed their enthusiasm for learning and teaching. Everyone on campus showed genuine happiness, and I cannot not wait to be a part of the Brown family.

Joon SungJoon Sung

Robbie Lowe [Harvard, Crew]

I chose to join Harvard’s lightweight rowing team for several reasons. I really liked the city of Boston during my recruiting visit. I felt very comfortable with the coaches and could see myself bonding with the team over the next four years. Also, the classes at Harvard were filled with intellectual discussions by motivated students. I’m looking forward to being a part of Harvard’s rich culture and storied tradition.  


Sean Smith [Connecticut College, Lacrosse]

During the recruiting process I realized I really wanted a small school where I could focus on grades and other aspects of the college experience. I ultimately decided to play Division 3 so that I could play the sport I love and still enjoy life as a college student. Connecticut College places a heavy emphasis on academics. I liked the idea of being in small classes because it will allow me to really get to know my teachers. I felt at home with Coach Cornell and his coaching style. I also really liked the location. I didn’t want a city campus, so its location on the water in New London was great. When it came down to all the schools that had showed interest, I felt most at home at Connecticut College.



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